To-do Assignment #1 – Julius Motal – The first image by Stuart Gibson is an excellent example of proper composition. It follows the rule of thirds nicely, and has what Henri Cartier-Bresson called “The Decisive Moment”. The wave is at the proper height, and the surfer is finding his place. The slope of the mountain cuts the scene in half, providing a great balance between the light and dark elements in the photo. There’s an air of uncertainty that is capture rather well, and gives the impression that this shot was candid more than anything. Yuri Kozyrev also does well with layering the image with the miners: the right in the foreground, the middle three further back, and the left behind all of them. The first image of the trees and the young boy (or what appears to be a young boy) peering through the gap is brilliant, and it has a delightful sense of playfulness. Janowski does well to keep the kid following the vertical lens of the trees. This image would have done just as well in color, but the monochromatic aesthetic heightens the emotion and isolation.