Assignment #1 Pearl Macek

This picture is so impressive (to me) because of the lighting. Here we have a photo with minimal colour which allows the viewer to really see everything that is happening in the photo. The light coming from the rocket really shines through allowing the viewer to feel as if they are on scene at the launch experiencing with their own eyes the blinding white light of the rocket booster.  To my inexperienced eye, the photographer used lines quite well in the photo and they are neat so that it is easy to focus on all the different aspects of the photo.

I like this picture primarily because of the composition. It is really pleasing to the eye how the lights crisscross in both directions across the photo. The lines of light also create depth to the picture ; it feels 3-D when I look at. In terms of content, the photo is very powerful as the grand majority of the audience will know what those vertical lights represent and what buildings stood there before.

This picture is interesting to me because it looks like the clerics are levitating since the lighting gets darker closer to the floor. The deep blue of the carpet contrasts with the white of the cleric’s robes, which is very striking. The photographer’s decision to not feature the faces of the clerics and only the depiction of Monsignor Vladimir Ghika is an interesting one which could infer multiple things to the audience.

About Pearl Macek

In 2012, I realized that it was now or never to pursue my dream of a career in Journalism, a field that I have always been interested in. I began scouting out internships and applying to a few select Journalism programs across the country. In the fall of 2012 I moved from Paris, France to Massachusetts in the United States to begin interning at a NPR affiliate, WCAI (Cape and Islands radio). After my internship with WCAI, I was accepted into CUNY’s Graduate School of journalism where I am today.