Assignment #1 – Talking About Photography (Emilie)

This picture resurrected an old memory for me, and I immediately gravitated towards it.  When I was a kid, I was enamored of the Titanic movie.  This picture reminds me of that, not just because of the fact that the Costa Concordia is also a sunken ship, but because the color of the dark blue water and shimmer of yellow lights on the calm surface recall the film sequences.  The serenity of that aspect of the image on the right really contrasts with the “something is very wrong here” left side.  The ship itself is beautifully illuminated by moonlight, and I am interested in how a photographer goes about getting a good moonlit image.

When I watch Serena Williams play tennis, I am always struck by her incredibly muscular and powerful body.  This image gives the viewer a visceral feeling of her as a ball of potential energy and joy.  She looks as if she is a spring about to uncoil in an explosive burst, or a diver doing a cannonball into a pool.  I like how the photographer framed the image, with Serena to the left of center.  I often do that with the subjects of my pictures, and I think it really helps create visual interest, particularly against a simple background. This image of a boy carrying his dog through monsoon floodwaters in the Phillippines stood out to me because the boy looks so self-assured.  He seems like a child who has been through this before, but the dog’s face registers fear and anxiety.  It looks like the boy is a parent giving his child a piggy-back ride.  Animals always symbolize innocence to me, and that is the case here.  Like the Serena Williams image, the framing of the image with the boy on the right, walking into a larger space on the left suggests his movement strongly in a still image.