Assignment #1: Talking About Photography

This January 13, 2012 photo shows the Costa Concordia lays rolling onto its starboard side after it ran aground off the coast of the Isola del Giglio island, Italy. (AP Photo/Giuseppe Modesti)

This photo from The Atlantic is so haunting but beautiful. The photographer really chose a great angle for the shot, the image of the sinking ship with lifeboats floating to the rescue is such a sad but strong, hopeful image. One of the challenges I noticed in the photo is the lighting, and it’s hard to tell if the photographer used flash or just relied on the lighting of the ship to illuminate the photo, but either way it seems clear and bright for a photo that was shot at night time.

Part of the previously submerged side of the Costa Concordia after it was righted near the Italian island of Giglio. It capsized off the tuscan coast last year, killing 32 people. Andrea Sinibaldi/PRESL, via Associated Press

This is the 11th Picture of the Day photo on the New York Times Lens Blog and it stood out to me after having seen the previous photo, a jarring before and after effect. It shows the ship in its decayed state, a year after it sank to the ocean floor. It’s almost hard to tell what you’re looking at on first glance because of the close-up shot, but it was needed in order to show the detail of the ship, and the little details like different colored curtains in the windows are what makes the photo interesting.

Apple Bark Borer moth, Synanthedon pyri, found in Beltsville, Maryland. (CC BY USGS/Sam Droege)

This photo on The Atlantic site is so bright and seems impossible to take since the subject is an insect. It was probably hard to get too, since bugs are constantly moving and I’d like to know how the photographer was able to get the moth to sit still. The month’s colors are so vibrant and at first it almost looks like a bird with beautiful feathers. The photographer did an excellent job capturing this insect, because he does so in a way that attracts the viewer without them realizing they’re looking at what might be a creepy insect.