Gabriella Iannetta: Assignment #1

Assignment 1- Gabriella Iannetta


This photo stood out over the rest by far. It is wildly intense when you really grasp what is happening. On a personal note, someone very important to me was in a fire and today is covered in 3rd degree burn scars on his face, hands, back and shoulders. When I hear him speak about the horrors and pain of what he went through, I look at this face of the monk and can’t fathom how his face is so calm and serene. The photographer grasped the drama of this photo impeccably and tells a story all on it’s own.

Gabriella Iannetta- Assignment #1


When it comes to rules of threes, this photographer actually does put the little boy in the center of the photo. In our readings, we were told this is the work of amateurs, however, in this photo I don’t feel the boy is the single subject. My eye was drawn to the dismal surroundings of the small child. The walls actually work with the grid by going through about 3-4 boxes each.




A photo like this speaks volumes to New Yorkers affected by the 9/11 attacks. It’s unique because it doesn’t show the infamous smoking towers but rather, the faces of the people looking at the horrific event. Technically, I think the photo represents layers very well. The people looking are the foreground, the Starbucks and the building it is connected to is the middle ground and the smoky sky/tall skyscraper is the background. These layers clearly show the subject of people (residents or commuters) in a metropolitan city (represented by the Starbucks) reacting to a monumental event (smoke in the background).