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My site is

I think it works alright in that it presents my photographs fairly cleanly, but given the black background, I couldn’t really use captions the wordpress presents them. If I were to put the wordpress-style captions, there’d be an ugly white frame with the text beneath it. I had to make the captions as regular text in a post, to keep the black flush throughout.

I also had issues making galleries/portfolios in the gridspace theme, so all of those galleries are technically blog posts. When I tried to make galleries, all of the images would appear as a gallery/slideshow, but the images would be stacked beneath it (defeating the purpose of a gallery). I wish the galleries could have worked out, but I nearly broke my laptop with all of the times I considered bashing my head against my keyboard.

The logo was a quick 1-2 punch in photoshop. I went with a simple text logo, no frills. The actual file is sized for a header/banner across the top, but it compresses nicely when uploaded to the logo section of my dashboard. The Phoblographer and Flick links have hover text that provides greater context, and it helps, I think, that clicking them opens new tabs as opposed to taking the viewer away from the site.

Despite all of my attempts, I couldn’t get rid of the search bar and archive thing. There’s no need for either, really.

But anyway, I digress. Overall, I think it presents everything fairly cleanly despite my quibbles with wordpress.