Pearl’s Post

Here is my site:

Weaknesses and only weaknesses: I tried my best here, but no matter what I do, the thumbnails for my “pieces” keep comping up squashed which is seriously annoying. I am not sure if it is part of theme, which I hope it is since that would make me look at least a little less like an idiot.

I made sure that for my “stories”, which aren’t published (oh woe is me) they go to a different page so as not to lead people away from my awesome site (very funny don’t you think?). All I can say is please don’t be too harsh with grading me pleeeeasse and I promise that once I start having actual pieces that I am proud of, I shall create an awesome website.

About Pearl Macek

In 2012, I realized that it was now or never to pursue my dream of a career in Journalism, a field that I have always been interested in. I began scouting out internships and applying to a few select Journalism programs across the country. In the fall of 2012 I moved from Paris, France to Massachusetts in the United States to begin interning at a NPR affiliate, WCAI (Cape and Islands radio). After my internship with WCAI, I was accepted into CUNY’s Graduate School of journalism where I am today.