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Strengths: The website has lots of information, images and links.

Weaknesses: I highlight my social presence only in the header of the home page, but it would be great to make specific contents (like published stories) “shareable” in social networks. The problem here is that the way that I included articles is as images, so I can’t add the links and social networks per every story.

The Scavenger Hunt homework – Marcaletti

1) Color

September 24th, 2013. The High Line, Chelsea, New York. A graffiti painted in a rooftop is next to a similar one in a wall.


2) Light

September 23th, 2013.  The High Line, Chelsea, New York. A couple of New Yorkers kiss at the end of the High Line, with a breath-taking view of the skyline.


3) Emotion

September 23th, 2013.  The High Line, Chelsea, New York. A kid is bored, wants to go home and he expresses this to his mother. 


4) Moments

September 24th, 2013. The High Line, Chelsea, New York. A mother plays with her daughter as they walk around the place.


5) Perspective.

September 23th, 2013.  Midtown New York. The Empire State building stands out at the end of the street.


 6) Action 

September 23th, 2013.  Chelsea.  A bicycle driver rushes to cross the street before the transit lines change color. 


7) Portrait

September 23th, 2013.  Penn Station. A man rests for a while in the stairs of New York City Postal office.


8) Shutter speed

September 23th, 2013. The High Line. A man and his son walk by in The High Line in a sunny afternoon.


9) Layering

September 23th, 2013.  The High Line. The view of a graffiti located in a building that faces 10th Avenue.


Mariana Marcaletti – Assignment #1

filipinasThis photo captures a human moment in the middle of a tragedy. Instead of focusing on victims or on the usual side of stories about catastrophes, the photographer was able to take a different look about it, and this photo is the result of a different approach. As for the composition, the characters are not situated in the centre of the photo, which looks good and gives a sense of perspective. There is also a feeling of movement conveyed in the picture, because the kid is moving whereas the rest of the elements seem to be quiet.

Ahmad Abu Layl, a 15 year-old fighter from the Free Syrian Army, aims his weapon as his father stands behind him in Aleppo

The viewpoint of this photograph is interesting: looking at war from where soldiers are standing conveys a subjective approach that is often overlooked in war images (most times more “objective” approaches are preferred, choosing an angle where you can see everything, but then you fail to see it from somebody’s perspective). The use of contrast is revealing and conveys a meaning – the soldiers in the dark, looking at something bright and dangerous that is happening outside of where they are hiding. The chosen characters and their body expression also contribute to the overall meaning of the photograph.


The composition is eye-catching and admirable. The shadows of the characters strengthen a dramatic effect already achieved with the smoke. The sunlight located on the upper left side of the image frames the content perfectly. In this scene, all the elements are there for a reason: the artificial lighting post, the smoke, people and their guns and seats – everything is in the right place to tell a story of violence. Although the photographer didn’t place the elements on purpose, he or she chose the right angle to display all these elements.