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Pearl’s Post

Here is my site:

Weaknesses and only weaknesses: I tried my best here, but no matter what I do, the thumbnails for my “pieces” keep comping up squashed which is seriously annoying. I am not sure if it is part of theme, which I hope it is since that would make me look at least a little less like an idiot.

I made sure that for my “stories”, which aren’t published (oh woe is me) they go to a different page so as not to lead people away from my awesome site (very funny don’t you think?). All I can say is please don’t be too harsh with grading me pleeeeasse and I promise that once I start having actual pieces that I am proud of, I shall create an awesome website.

Mariana Marcaletti portfolio

Here you can find my portfolio:

Strengths: The website has lots of information, images and links.

Weaknesses: I highlight my social presence only in the header of the home page, but it would be great to make specific contents (like published stories) “shareable” in social networks. The problem here is that the way that I included articles is as images, so I can’t add the links and social networks per every story.

Portfolio Site – Emma Hernandez

Here’s the link to my site.

Strengths: The menu at the top is clear and easy to navigate. The theme is simple and clean, and I installed the Share This plug-in which makes my posts easy to share via social networking sites and email. My about page is short and sweet but personal and my contact page is a form from a plug-in which is cool because I was worried about spam email.

Weaknesses: I have no clue how to get that “visualization” photo down, so it just looks impersonal. The content on my actual site is from two of the earlier craft and broadcast assignments this semester and then I stopped posting altogether, so there’s a huge gap in activity there. And I need to dig back further and find more of my previous work to fill up the sample page.

Gillespie Blog

Strengths: I have all the basics up and the top bar is well organized.

Weaknesses: I was blogging a lot at the beginning of the semester, but as assignments piled up, I basically stopped. So the blog looks dormant. I think until I can balance school and blog time, I might be better off with just a portfolio, blog-free site.

My site

My site is

Firstly, I think my website shows my interest in photography. I put a slideshow on the main page, using the plugin in WordPress. The slideshow shows the featured image of every story I published on my site and a brief introduction to the story.

My logo is a simple hand-writing style. I put “reporter” under my name logo for describing what I am now, of course. ¬†I divided the content in four categories, which are clean and easy to navigate. I enlarged text after I showed the site to the class last time, taking suggestions from classmates.

I don’t know how to put a plugin to share my site on Facebook, so I didn’t do that. On the main page, three logos redirect to my twitter account, my youtube account and my mail.

In the category of ¬†publication, I’d like to scan some of my articles published on newspapers or some of my clips diffused, but I didn’t have time for doing it. So I’ll keep updating, for sure!

WordPress is fun, it’s a place to put all your unpublished articles and clips. I think it’s useful. The only thing I didn’t figure out is Jetpack, I still didn’t get into it after tried hundreds times with my J-school account username, other account username, and different passwords…


Kailath portfolio

My site’s cool but it’s old. It’s also built for my last career in technology. The hyperminimal text-only thing is huuuuuge in tech but I’m gonna need to redo it for my new career. Most obvious need is visuals, but I’ll redo the entire taxonomy and work sample stuff as well, of course.

As my primary interest is radio, I’m going to think about ways to creatively include audio in the site. Nobody likes auto-play so that won’t be it, but I could link my stories on a map, or edit a quick (30sec) piece that represents my voice work and editing skills as a sort of audio postcard “highlight” in my portfolio.

At this point I’ve already landed my spring internship so I won’t think seriously about updating until summer ’14.

WordPress site

So my site, I think, could still use a little work. I could not get the Twitter stream to work on my sidebar, so I jettisoned much of the bells and whistles on the side all together.

My trial of photoshop has run out so I could not make the update on the logo. Regardless, the spelled out version of my name could be improved.

I still have to expand on my “About” page, but right now I think it does the job. The “Clips” page could use some photos to make the page stand out more. I’m also concerned there are too many links/lines on the page and might not let someone looking at it see all of my work. Do you all think I should cap each section off at a certain number of links?

Pretty happy with how the resume page came out. Big fan of Scribd and the presentation it lets you have. Prefer, for now, to only keep my gmail account as my main area of contact — might get too bogged down with voice messages if there’s a Google number.

Overall, the site needs a bit of fine tuning but I’m happy with how it came out. It’s simplistic and is not too flashy. Could be a little classier, though.

My site

My site is

I think it works alright in that it presents my photographs fairly cleanly, but given the black background, I couldn’t really use captions the wordpress presents them. If I were to put the wordpress-style captions, there’d be an ugly white frame with the text beneath it. I had to make the captions as regular text in a post, to keep the black flush throughout.

I also had issues making galleries/portfolios in the gridspace theme, so all of those galleries are technically blog posts. When I tried to make galleries, all of the images would appear as a gallery/slideshow, but the images would be stacked beneath it (defeating the purpose of a gallery). I wish the galleries could have worked out, but I nearly broke my laptop with all of the times I considered bashing my head against my keyboard.

The logo was a quick 1-2 punch in photoshop. I went with a simple text logo, no frills. The actual file is sized for a header/banner across the top, but it compresses nicely when uploaded to the logo section of my dashboard. The Phoblographer and Flick links have hover text that provides greater context, and it helps, I think, that clicking them opens new tabs as opposed to taking the viewer away from the site.

Despite all of my attempts, I couldn’t get rid of the search bar and archive thing. There’s no need for either, really.

But anyway, I digress. Overall, I think it presents everything fairly cleanly despite my quibbles with wordpress.